How To Create Multiple Twitter Accounts With One Email ID

For many reasons we need multiple twitter accounts.  I use @gopinathm as personal twitter account and @techdreamsorg for my blog tweets. When we try to set up a second twitter account using a single email id, twitter shows an error message “email has already been taken.“

Many of us don’t like to create a second email address just for the sake of creating a second twitter account. So lets see how we can easily setup multiple twitter accounts with a single email address.

With your gmail account It’s very easy to setup multiple twitter accounts.You can follow any of these tricks

Using .(DOT) anywhere in GMail ID for secondary accounts

GMail allows us to insert a dot anywhere in our email and considers it as the same account without dots. For example emails sent to  and are considered as same and the mails are always delivered to


But Twitter considers and as two different email ids and lets you to create two twitter ids. So by just placing a .(dot) anywhere in your email address you can register multiple twitter accounts.

Using and trick

Every GMmail inbox is accessible using as well as domains. So you can use and for setting up two twitter accounts


Using trick

Another cool feature of GMail id – it allows users to add any text after a plus sign in the email address – GMail treats and as same email address.


So you can use,,, etc to create multiple twitter accounts.

These are the three tricks we know to create multiple twitter accounts with a same email id. Do you know any other tricks?

3 thoughts on “How To Create Multiple Twitter Accounts With One Email ID”

  1. These are great tips – thanks!

    The + trick doesn’t always work because some sites check for it.

    Sadly, the . trick doesn’t work on google apps mailboxes but it does seem to work great on



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