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What Is New In BlackBerry OS 6?

BlackBerry is trying to catch up with iPhone and Android with the release of it’s new OS BlackBerry OS 6.0. Check this embedded Youtube video and the new features introduced in the OS are after the break.

The list of new features introduced in BlackBerry OS 6:

  • Universal search that lets you to search every on your moblie (contacts, messages, applications, etc)
  • WebKit based web browser. iPhone and Android uses WebKit based browser.
  • An aggregated stream of Facebook, Twitter messages
  • RSS Readers
  • A social network aggregator that’s shown to work with Facebook, Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger.
  • A new home screen design
  • Context-sensitive menus

Here is another teaser video of BlackBerry OS 6.0 released WES 2010

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