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Is Your iPod Hanging Without Any Reason?? No Need to Panic!

ipodYou are listening to some music tracks in the iPod and suddenly it stopped responding.None of the keys are functioning.Well,there is no need to panic.You can resolve this problem very easily without visiting any customer care centres.

All you need to do is just hold the MENU and centre button together for 10 seconds till the apple logo appears on the screen.That’s it,rock on!!


  1. jack daniel

    hey that one is ok…after it is done then again after few minutes it gets either hang or full black… it started from yesterday and i have formated it also..deleted everything.. and then kept some songs..again it gets hang…bro help me out… what kind of problem is it??

  2. tess

    hi worked like a charm.. thank you!!.. but now i have another problem :( its stuck on the apple image.. and i cant access the anyone?

  3. nadine

    OHMYGOD! I was soooo scared my iPod was gonna die on me. :| =)))))) You’re a lifesaver! Thanks! :D

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