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Twitter Now Tells You Why A Topic Is Trending

The trending topics on Twitter gives us a fair idea about what millions of users are talking about right now. By looking at the trending topics list, at times I’ll not be able to figure out what that topics is all about and why is it trending.

Whenever I find a trending  topic that is Geek and Latin, I use head over to as it provides clear information on these trends. But today when I logged into twitter, I noticed that twitter itself is displaying the description of trending topics and also the reasons why they are trending. That’s awesome. At one place, now I get to see all the trending topics as well the reason why they are trending.


But who is keying in this information at twitter? Are there any Twitter engineers who are updating description of these trending topics regularly? No. Not at all. Twitter just tied up with and using their APIs to pull information of the trending topics.

That’s interesting right. is developed using twitter API and now twitter is using APIs.