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Download Offline Installers Of .NET Framework 4.5, 4.0, 3.5, 3.0 & 2.0 From Microsoft Servers

download the offline installers of .NET Framework 4.0, 3.5, .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1, .NET Framework 3.0 and .NET Framework 2.0.As many of the new Microsoft Windows applications are developed using .NET Framework, it is becoming mandatory to install .NET Framework on our personal computers. Microsoft provides .NET Framework installer as a free download available to everyone. But it is an online installer. That means, initially we have to download a small piece of installer and upon starting the installation process the installer automatically connects to Microsoft servers and downloads the required components and completes the installation.

The online installers works great as long as we have internet connectivity always. But many of us required offline installer to install the software on computers not connected to internet, to save the bandwidth while installing on many computers, etc.

I gathered a set of links on Microsoft servers from where we can download the offline installers of .NET Framework 4.0, 3.5, .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1, .NET Framework 3.0 and .NET Framework 2.0.

.NET Framework 4.5 Setup

.NET Framework 4.0 Setup

.NET Framework 3.5 Setup

.NET Framework 3.5 Setup Service Pack 1

.NET Framework 3.0 Setup

  • Download 32 bit version
  • Download 64 bit version

.NET Framework 2.0 Setup

.NET Framework Client Profile Offline Installer

  • MayanK ParmaR

    thank you very much for the links
    its very handy for us
    for those who has download problem and has IDM [Internet Download Manager]
    right click on link
    copy link
    goto IDM
    click on add url
    thats it

  • Chanchal Saha

    which version I need for win 8 .net framework 3.5 or 3.5 sp1?

  • syahchay

    thanks you…

  • Ibex

    Thanks !!! Cheers!

  • Muhammad Hadri Hanafi

    when u installing window 8..u require to install .NET framework 3.5 because some of the software cant run without it..:)

  • _RGTech

    Remember that if you download “.NET Framework 3.5 Setup Service Pack 1″ you won’t need the older versions 2 and 3, as they are integrated in this package. .NET 1.1 is not included though…

  • azzfuck

    tnx for this fuckin dotnet,my installers got stuck with this fuckin dotnet and cant load,fuckin disc,i shouldve burn this mothafuckin pc,piece of junk pc,fuck you my pc,ur so old fuckface!!

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  • Marek Malak

    already have netframework 4.0 because got windows 7, Have somebody experience with that??

  • Marek Malak

    when i tried to install netframework 3 or 3.5, didnt finished instalation and alert message to turn on or off windows feature i tried i cant fixed, help me somebody

    • Cøx Em Ðëvîl

      U Should Turn Windows Features ON/OFF Through Firewall Or Pannel :)



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  • Alex OwNz

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  • Ale

    For the 3.5 here’s the REAL STANDALONE installer download link:

    the listed one is not standalone.

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  • DariO

    Muchas gracias por el aporte!
    Excelente laburo!


  • SA

    Respected Friends, i m new in Visual Studio 2008, using VB.Net, i have a problem regarding Deployment of Setup Package, any one can help me step by stem how to create setup and include offline pre-requesites sequence wise, because i try many setups but problem is error on installation of dotnet framework 3.5 sp1.
    so friends i m waiting for your kind help.

    thanking you

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