Rush…iPAD Pre-order announced officially

iPADApple’s latest product iPAD is now available for pre-order through online. You can place your pre-order through its online store (Apple) or reserve it at any of the Apple retail stores. iPAD may have received mixed reactions when announced last month. But Apple knows how to sell; it is believed that more than 50,000 pre orders are already placed till now placed till now.

People have to wait for another 3 weeks to get the actual device as the launch date is 3rd of April in the US. The initial model released will be available only with Wi-Fi and the planned 3G model is expected to be released by end of April. So how much does it cost you to get this little marvel?


The basic iPAD (16 GB Wi-Fi) will cost you $499. if you are serious apple fan and plan to buy an iPAD better place your order now. There already rumours that the initial demand may outstrip supply.The pre-order is limited only to US.

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