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The computer world is becoming so big that the need for new software is increasing day by day. Not many of us think of buying the software before having hands on. There are many sites which provides trail version of software. But it might not allow us to enjoy the complete software and would have limitations.We really wanted to know and experience the software before buying them. But unfortunately there are not many sites which allow us to download licensed software free of cost.


GiveAwayOfTheDay is a very useful website which I came to know few days back. The vision of this team is basically to distribute unique software throughout the world with ease and complete risk free method, thus improving the customers of the particular software in a safe and reliable way.

The site basically provides licensed software free of cost every day. The software is available for a day in the website and it has the complete functionality with limited updates and technical support. The details of the software along with its review and other product information from the software publisher will be available with the software. This site is an adware/Spyware free, because of which we can be assured that our computer will not be corrupted.

Today, we are allowed to download ConvertVid, a software that converts videos from one video format to another video format. Also we have Google gadgets for this site which can be easily added to our personalized iGoogle page to know which software is available for free every day.

The website is also available in different languages like German, Italian and French. I enjoyed using this website. Also, I would suggest you to give a try and do post your comments. :-)

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