Power Users of Sablier Finance

If you are a salaried employee (chances are very high), then you must receive regular payments once or twice a month. The salary commitment between you and your employer is centralized and the payment terms are semi-transparent. Both you and your employer negotiated your salary when you accepted the job, and you are being compensated based on the terms that were outlined in your employer’s HR systems.

What if we made a few tweaks to this concept to make your life and your employer’s life much easier and have a lot more transparency? Assume the agreement between you and your employer is coded in an open program that you, your employer, and your legal advisor can access at any time. What if your qualified salary is available to be withdrawn at any time? Say, for example, that you worked six days in this month and that you would like to obtain a salary for those six days. Wouldn’t that be nice?   

Sablier can accomplish precisely this

On Sablier, time means money, literally. As a worker, you see your earnings increasing in real-time in the Sablier wallet. As an organisation, our technology helps you get rid of the hassle of payroll admin. After a one-time deposit, our smart contracts will start “streaming” the money towards the payees, without you lifting a finger again.

source: https://sablier.finance/

In this post let us explore the power users of Sablier Finance. We start our journey with exploring the amount of money being transferred through Sablier Finance. The following chart shows the weekly transfers initiated by Sablier finance, except for two big transfers in June 2021 and Sep 2021, most of the weeks Sablier is processing 15 million USD to 20 million USD on average.

This following chart shows number of transfers initiated from Sablier Finance on weekly basis along with the amount of money being transferred.

Now let us look at the top 10 receivers of Sablier Finance payment streams. About 65% of the payments sent from Sablier Finance smart contract were sent to the wallet starting with 0xbd6a40. It is followed by the wallet 0x99459 with 69.49 millions of payment.

The following chart shows the top 10 senders of Sablier Finance Payment Streams.

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