Impact of the Levana Dragons: Meteors

This article focuses on measuring the impact of Levana Meteors!


A Levana Meteor is a NFT that users can obtain when contributing UST. The UST will then be used to purchase LUNA for the LUNA2x pool.

There are four categories of Levana Meteors: Common, Rare, Ancient, and Legendary. The more you contribute to the game, the higher your chances of obtaining a higher category meteor.There is a possibility that every participant will receive a Levana Meteor containing a dragon egg. Levana Meteors’ minimum contribution is 8 UST.

Every hour, there will be 202 dragon eggs dropped by meteors. There are 8,888 Levana dragon eggs in total. The meteor shower will last 44 hours, so everyone will be able to see it.A diligent participant can accumulate up to 44 Levana Meteors by using a single wallet address, which holds up to 44 dragon eggs.

Distribution of the Levana Meteor:

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This article discusses the number of Levana Meteors NFT’s and according to their rarity the four categories of Levana Meteors: Common, Rare, Ancient, and Legendary, as well as, the cracked and uncracked meteors so far.

Total Number of Meteors

The total number of NFT’s in the Levana Dragons :Meteors Collection was 41.62K.

Levana Dragons: Meteors – Rarity

In the following graph,According to the rarity qualities we can see four categories of Levana Meteors NFT’s. The four categories consist of: Common, Rare, Ancient, and Legendary.

Graph below shows the number of NFTs and their percentages for each category. Of the four categories, rarity common contributes the most (60.13%) to the total NFTs. In terms of total NFT’s, Legendary is the lowest. Among the total number of Levana Meteor NFTs, the Rare category makes up the second highest percentage.

Levana Dragons: Meteors – Cracked and Uncracked

The diagram below shows us how many cracked NFTs and uncracked NFTs there have been.The total value of Levana meteors is 41.62K. Levana Dragons: Eggs have a Value of 6.5K and Levana Dragons: Meteor Dust have a Value of 23.9K. That tells us the total cracked Levana Meteor NFT’s are (23.9K+6.5K) 30.4K.

Therefore, out of total Levana Meteors NFT’s cracked NFT’s percentage is 73.1%. The remaining 26.99% of Levana Dragons NFT’s remain uncrackable. And also according to the above analysis, the remaining 11.2K Levana Dragons: Meteor NFTs contain the remaining eggs 2415.

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