Count Of Levana Dragons:Eggs

Our goal in this article is to show the number of eggs and the percentage of them, as well as the number of eggs according to their rarity.

According to the meteor shower, it will last 44 hours, and every hour there will be 202 dragon eggs dropped by meteors. There are 8,888 Levana dragon eggs in total. A diligent participant can accumulate up to 44 Levana Meteors by using a single wallet address, which holds up to 44 dragon eggs.

Total Number of Levana Dragons:Eggs

In the diagram below, we can see the total number of Levana Dragons: Eggs. There are 6473 total Levana Dragons: Eggs NFTs.

The Count Of Levana Dragons: Eggs – Rarity

We can see from the below graph how many Levana Dragons:Eggs were found in Legendary, Ancient, Rare, and Common rarity categories. The total number of NFT’s for all Levana Dragons: Eggs is 6,473. Among the 6473 NFTs, we found 3293 NFTs that fall into the common rarity category. This means almost half of the Levana Dragons: Eggs NFTs are in this category. In this Levana Dragons : Eggs NFT category, the Rare and Ancient rarity NFT’s are simultaneously observed next to the common rarity NFT’s. Levana Dragons: Eggs NFT’s contain a total of 297 Legendary rarity NFT’s.

What Percentage Of Meteors Become Eggs?

As we can see from the below graph, there are 15.6% of Levana Dragons : Meteors Become Eggs.

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