Who Owns Levana Dragons

In order to obtain Levana Meteors, users must contribute UST. The UST will then be used to purchase LUNA for the LUNA2x Pool. In other words, holding the LUNA token would have resulted in a 100% profit, while holding the LUNA2x-LLI token would have yielded a 200% profit.

Source: Levana Blog

A substantial portion (16.5%) of all contributed UST will go towards funding the NFT creators, while the remainder (83.5%) will be used to purchase LUNA for the LUN2x Pool. A Levana Meteor NFT will replace the UST during the meteor shower.

Types of Levana Dragons

There are four different types of Levana Meteors: Common, Rare, Ancient, and Legendary. The more you contribute, the higher your chances of receiving a higher category meteor. Each participant will receive a meteor with an egg that may contain a dragon. A participant can choose to contribute up to a maximum amount of 8 UST to Levana Meteors. The greater the contribution, the greater the chances of receiving a meteor containing a dragon egg.

Every hour, there will be 202 dragon eggs dropped by meteors. There are 8,888 Levana dragon eggs in total. The meteor shower will last 44 hours, so everyone will be able to see it.A diligent participant can accumulate up to 44 Levana Meteors by using a single wallet address, which holds up to 44 dragon eggs.

We no longer have to guess what the chances of each tier containing an egg were before the shower; now we have the precise data.As we get closer to launching the cracking station, we will publish more information about how the egg likelihood is calculated. It depends on both the rank of the meteor as well as the weight per rank.

Total number of meteors

  • Legendary: 440
  • Ancient: 4200
  • Rare: 11956
  • Common: 25020

A Levana meteor’s chances of containing a dragon egg can change based on the number of participants.Exactly how dragon eggs are distributed depends on the number of participants in each drop. If there are only 202 participants, then every Levana Meteor will contain a dragon egg. As soon as you receive Levana Meteors, you can trade them, hold them for future meteor cracking, or crack them to potentially reveal a dragon egg.If a Levana Meteor does not contain a dragon egg, it instead will contain meteor dust that can be used in the future.

Chances of an egg being found in a meteor according to its tier

  • Legendary: 100%
  • Ancient: 31.4%
  • Rare: 22.4%
  • Common: 17.7%

As we already know there are four different types of Levana Meteors: Common, Rare, Ancient, and Legendary. Every dragon egg has a unique name, specific traits (such as weight, crystal color, distance, etc.) and a story.

Source : Levana Blog

If we consider their crystal color,

  • Legendary : Purple/Pink
  • Ancient : Green/blue
  • Rare : Red/Orange
  • Common : Black /White

On this graph we can see the Total number of NFT’s on Levana Dragons Meteors NFT’s, the number of NFT’s which contain eggs, and the number of NFT’s that contain meteor dust.NFT’s total for Levana Dragons: Meteor are 41.62K. Out of this number, Levana Dragons: Eggs NFT’s are 6473, and Levana Dragons: Meteor Dust NFT’s are 23.95K.

Distribution of Levana Dragons NFTs

From the below table we can see Levana dragons NFT’s by their Raritywise . There we can see the NFT which is having a Common Rarity was the top contributor.

Unique Owners Of Levana Dragons

From the following graph, you can see who are all the unique dragon owners on Levana : by their NFT’s Meteors, Eggs, and Meteor Dust. A maximum number of Unique owners is present in the collection Levana Dragons: Meteor Dust. Here the minimum distinct users can see from Levana Dragons:Meteors.

The following table displays the number of unique owners of Levana Dragons: Meteors, Eggs, and Dust sorted by their rarity.

In the following graphs, we can see the unique users for Levana Dragons: Meteors,Eggs, and Meteos Dust as well as their percentages based on rarity. Across all rarities, Levana Dragons : Meteors has 3,178 distinct users. Among the 4 Rarity types, Rarity Common contributes the most (51.1%) to the total Distinct Users.The lowest total number of Distinct Users is 61 (Legendary) and the highest number is 1,624 (Common).

Over all Rarities, there are 5,909 unique users on Levana Dragons : Meteors Dust. (Ancient) has the lowest total Distinct Users, while the highest total Distinct Users is 2,881 (Common). Here from the below graph we can notice no legendary NFT’s Users are having Meteor Dust NFT’s.

Legendary users make up the lowest total of Distinct Users, while Common users make up the highest.Here , Out of the 4 Rarity types, Rarity Common contributes the most (44,9%) to the total number of Distinct Users.

TOP 50 Owners Of Levana Dragons : Meteors, Eggs and Dust

Here from the below graph we can see the Top50 Unique Users of Levana Dragons by collection(Meteors,Eggs and Meteor Dust). The largest contributor of the Unique users to the total NFTs of all three collections is Levana Dragons: Meteor Dust (63.26%). Out of top 50 unique users many number of users are having Meteor Dust NFT’s. In the top 50 unique addresses, we noticed only four unique users have received eggs NFT’s .


  • Based on the above analysis,Out of all NFT’s , we have 2269 unique owners of Levana Dragons : Meteors Collection, 2457 unique owners of Levana Dragons : Eggs collection and 3772 unique owners of Levana Dragons : Meteor Dust collection .
  • There are no NFTs with the rarity “Legendary” in the Levana Meteor Dust collection.
  • Levana Dragons Dust collection drew the most unique owners, possibly due to its low cost..



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