One More Solar Eclipse Hitting The Earth

After the partial Solar eclipse that occurred on 01 July 2011, there is one another partial solar eclipse hitting the earth on 25 November 2011. This is the fourth and the final solar eclipse that is going to happen during this year.

Partial Solar Eclipse

This eclipse is highly visible from the southern hemisphere, which means it can be witnessed from Southern South Africa, Antarctica , Tasmania and Many regions of New Zealand. The eclipse touches a greatest magnitude of 0.905 at 06:20:17 am Universal Time. This eclipse is the 53rd eclipse and belongs to Saros123 series.

The details about the time and place from where this eclipse can be addressed are given below. All time mentioned here are local time of that location.

S.No Place Eclipse Start Time Eclipse End Time Maximum Eclipse
1 Cape Town, South Africa 6:28:07 7:18:08 6:52:42
2 Port Elizabeth, SOUTH AFRICA 6:38:16 7:07:49 6:52:56
3 Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND 19:07:01 19:42 19:42
4 Wellington, NEW ZEALAND 19:10:22 19:26 19:26
5 Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND 19:03:13 19:58 19:40:40

This is the largest partial eclipse that is going to hit the earth this year and while at the maximum eclipse time, the lunar shadow will pass 330 kilometers above the earth’s surface near the coast of Antarctica.

Source : NASA

CC Image Credit : Joerg Weingrill

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