First Lunar Eclipse Of The Year 2009 On February 9th

The first lunar eclipse for the year 2009 happens on February 9th, exactly after 11 days of first solar eclipse of this year.This is the deepest eclipse of the year with the magnitude of 0.899. It will be easily visible to the naked eye as a dusky shading in the northern half of the Moon.

First Lunar Eclipse Of The Year 2009 On February 9th

CC Photo Credit: mugley

The times of the major phases in India are listed below

  • Eclipse begin time: 18:08:46 IST
  • Greatest eclipse time: 20:08:15 IST
  • Eclipse end time: 22:07:40 IST

The eclipse is visible to the naked eye apart from few minutes of beginning and ending. The word penumbra is derived from two Latin words namely paenes meaning “almost, nearly" umbra meaning "shadow", the region in which only a portion of the occulting body is blurring the light source. This eclipse is a partial eclipse. In fact, no shading can be detected until about 2/3 of the Moon’s disk is immersed. This would put the period of eclipse visibility from approximately 19:30 IST to 20:50 IST. This is only an estimate. However atmospheric conditions and the observer’s visual acuity are important factors to be considered for the visibility of the eclipse.

Few part of Eastern Canada and USA will miss the eclipse entirely since the eclipse begins after moonset. Observers in western Canada and the USA will have the best views with moonset occurring sometime after mid-eclipse. To catch the entire event, one must be in Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, or East Asia.


Photo Credit: Nasa

The above picture depicts the countries where the lunar eclipse would be visible. The light shaded portions are the places where the eclipse is visible during moon rise and moon set. The dark shaded portions are the places where the eclipse is completely not visible. The white region is the place where the eclipse is completely visible.

In Alaska, the eclipse begins at 03:38:46 and ends at 07:37:40. The greatest eclipse is felt at 05:38:15(local time)

In Hawaii the eclipse begins at 02:38:46 and ends at 06:37:40. The greatest eclipse is felt during 04:38:15 (local time)

In Sydney, Australia the eclipse begins at 23:38:46 and ends at 03:37:40. The greatest eclipse is felt during 01:38:15 (local time)

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  1. please let me know wat time will lunar eclipse will appear in JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA.
    its top urgent. pls reply asap

  2. I am 6 months pregnant. Can u please let me know the timings of Feb 09, 2009 lunar eclipse timing Kuwait at the earliest. Now it is 2:45 pm.

  3. From what time does the eclipse happens in Bangalore ? And what time does the pregnant women needs to be at home.

  4. can someone pls tell me if zir is eclispe in mauritius,n if there is at wat time pls im pregnant n i dnt kno the exact time
    plzzzzzzzzzzzz thnx

  5. Hi suganya,
    If you are having tough time to reply to all Please write down the URL from where we will find timings for world.
    If you want Please tell the exact timing of lunar eclipse in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

  6. today Lunar Eclipse is visible or not in Abu Dhabi. If it is visible what is timing exactly. Please let me know.

  7. Please tell the exact timing of lunar eclipse in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Early reply appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  8. N.S. Seetharaman

    Kindly confirm whether the lunar eclipse on 09.02.09 (today) is visible in Chennai? If yes, please infromthe time?

  9. @ lovly
    In India,the eclipse starts at 6:08:46 pm and ends at 10:07:40 pm. The greatest phase of the eclipse is noticed at 08:08:15 pm. Also its visible in delhi and chennai between the start and the end time.

  10. @Vinita
    The eclipse happens in Suva, Fiji Islands between 2:39 pm and 6:38 pm.The greatest of the eclipse happens at 4:38 pm.But as this is a lunar eclipse, I doubt if you can see this eclipse from your place.

  11. at what time as well. we’ve got calendars which said 9th of feb at 1.30am – 4am. thats like its finished but it hasan’t right?

  12. is eclipse visible in india. iam in delhi, here no one seems to know abt it. And news channels also didn’t give info abt it. plz tell me the exact timings in delhi and chennai.

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