Indian Rupee Symbol Everywhere! Now on Mobile Phone With Lava Mobiles

Lava-B5-Mobile-Handset-Rupee-SymbolWe already knew that the Indian Rupee Symbol has been launched on documents, web and keyboards, now on mobile phones also. Lava Mobiles, an Indian mobile phone brand has launched a new mobile handset(Lava B5) that will have the Rupee symbol integrated on the mobile keypad.

The same Lava B5 mobile, which came out with the first full alpha keypad (means having keys in A,B,C,D format instead of normal QWERTY ones) few days back.

However it is quite heartening to see the rate of adoption of Rupee Symbol – Many prominent online publishers have already started using it. Also, if you glance at your daily newspaper, many advertisers now use it to show their product pricing.

Certainly, Lava B5 is the first mobile phone having the rupee symbol on its keypad.B5 is also the first phone with world’s first Alpha keypad with keys arranged in ABCD order. Expect more companies to follow this soon.

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