Store/Share/Send HUGE files online – free services

We have complied a big list of online file storing, sending and sharing websites. We have also given short description if there is something special about it. This will really help you find out quickly a website that will suit your requirement.


attachmoreAttachMore No file size limitations. Compatible with your email and instant messaging programs as it is available as a plugin. [Image Credit: AttachMore]

dropboxDropbox 5GB for free. Has got some good photo sharing features. [Image Credit: Dropbox]

filedropperFileDropper The limit if 5GB, simple interface, no sign-up, upload and website provides a link to mail people. [Image Credit: FileDropper]

msMicrosoft’s Live Mesh  5GB for free. Sync between devices and other file sharing websites. Great service. [Image Credit: Microsoft’s Live Mesh]

filesanywhereFilesAnyWhere 1 GB for free, enhanced features like collaboration, permission-based sharing, and automatic, view documents online, backup/sync, photo album, Check-in/Checkout File Locking, uses SSL. [Image Credit: FilesAnyWhere]

yousenditYouSendIt  Send a files up to 100MB can be sent directly to to 100 recipients, user can also download it as a plug-in for Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, or Microsoft Outlook. When you’re ready to send the file you’re working on, you can opt to “Send with YouSendIt” by following a link in the respective program’s drop-down menu. [Image Credit: YouSendIt]  1 GB for free if you use http or a 10 gigs if you use ftp. French website. [Image Credit:]

Adrive 50GB for free Individual Use Only boasts of a a nice up-loader. 1GB for free and share it with users via link, add multiple users to share work space, 25MB upload limit for free service. [Image Credit:]

myotherdriveMyOtherDrive No upload file size limit. Public and private sharing of files. [Image Credit: MyOtherDrive]

fileurls1FileUrls Extemely simple website, 250MB max will let you choose expiry date of link its max 7 days. [Image Credit: FileUrls]

walla1Wuala Not free, you can trade your local disk space to the website for extra amount of online disk space. [Image Credit: Wuala]

mediafire1MediaFire Unlimited storage,  Up to 100MB per file, Unlimited uploads. [Image Credit: MediaFire]

Humy 10gb of storage for free, no file size upload limit, it sync’s with your computer. [Image Credit: Humyhumyo]

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  2. marion Hemmingway

    There is also that allows you to use your Amazon S3, Mosso Cloud Files,, GMail or Email account to share files with expiry times. It’s a free service and I have been using this for a while. It has clients for Windows, iPhone, Web, iGoogle, and a great firefox plug-in.

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