How To Migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7 Beta In 30 Minutes

Windows_7_Logo There has been lot of good talk about Windows 7 beta and Windows 7 final release is going to be an irresistible upgrade for all the PC users. As majority of the PC users are using Windows XP, Microsoft is developing an excellent tool “Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010” for easily migrating Windows XP to Windows 7. The tool Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 is in beta state now and it is capable of migrating in 30 minutes.

A Microsoft TechNet post says

One of the really cool features in this new version is hardlink migration.  In the past, if you wanted to back up all of a users files and settings, those had to be transferred to a different drive, and the new OS install would wipe the machine, complete the new install, and then you’d transfer the files back.  With hardlink migration, all the files stay in place on the machine, and the Win7 install just updates file locations with hardlinks.  This means the install and settings transfer happens much faster, because the files aren’t transferred at all, just the paths to them are updated.  It’s really cool, and means you can have a fresh install of Win7, with all your XP files and settings, completed in as few as 30 minutes.

Here is a video demonstration of migrating Windows XP to Windows 7 beta using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 tool

Downloading Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Tool

The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 beta is available at and here are the instructions to download the tool

1. Visit the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Beta at

2. Sign in using a valid Windows Live ID to continue to the Invitations page.

3. Scroll down to Microsoft Deployment Connection.

If you have not previously registered with Microsoft Connect, you might be required to register before continuing with the invitation process.

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