Total Solar Eclipse on July 22nd 2009 – The Most Powerful Eclipse of the Year 2009

Followed by the lunar eclipse on July 07th 2009, the most powerful eclipse for this year happens on 22nd July 2009. This eclipse is called as total solar eclipse and it is sixth total solar eclipse for this decade. A total eclipse occurs when the Sun is completely hidden by the Moon. The intensely bright disk of the Sun is replaced by the dark silhouette of the Moon, and the much fainter ring called corona is visible. This eclipse is a 6-minute plus eclipse—the longest of the 21st century.


The eclipse is seen initially in India and it traverses through Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China and across the Pacific Ocean. Hence the major part of the eclipse occurs at eastern Asia, Indonesia and Pacific Ocean.

It is safe to observe the total phase of a solar eclipse directly with the unaided eye, binoculars or a telescope, when the sun is completely covered by the Moo. In fact this cannot be viewed thorough the filters as the light will be very dim. At this point of total solar eclipse the sun will be completely hidden and just a ring will visible which is nothing but the corona of the sun.


When the shrinking visible part of the photosphere becomes very small, Baily’s beads will occur. It has been named so as the image formed because of the sun rays looks like beads. This is caused by the sunlight still being able to reach Earth through lunar valleys, but no longer where mountains are present. After this begins the Totality with the Diamond Ring Effect, which emits the last bright flash of sunlight.


The following are few of the places where the total solar eclipse on 22nd July 2009 can be experienced. All timings mentioned here are local timings of that place.


Start Time

End Time

Maximum Eclipse at


























Photographing such total solar eclipse is possible with fairly common film camera equipment. In order for the disk of the sun/moon to be easily visible, a fairly high magnification telephoto lens is needed (70-200 mm for a 35 mm camera), and for the disk to fill most of the frame, a longer lens is needed (over 500 mm). For those who are interested in photographing the total solar eclipse, here are few tips to make your photographing fruitful.


Viewing the Sun after totality can be dangerous. Hence do not view the sun after eclipse as it emits highly hazardous rays.

While in Photographing, do take proper precautions to safeguard your eyes. The sun when viewed through the view finder of the camera might affect the retina of the eyes, which might even be a cause for losing our eyes. One of the most widely available filters for safe solar viewing is shade number 14 welder’s glass, which can be obtained from welding supply outlets.

Live Streaming/Webcasts On Internet

You can follow the live broadcast of the total solar eclipse on 22nd July 2009 here. For more information read our article How To Watch July 22, 2009 Total Solar Eclipse Live On Web

CC Image Credit: luc_viatour and Exploratorium

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  1. Even though the eclipse of the 22nd July is not visible in South Africa, please can you advise on the time that we would be experiencing this eclipse

  2. ECLIPSE IS NOT visible in any parts of Australia,North America,Central America,Caribbean,South America,Europe and Africa BECAUSE IT WILL BE NIGHT TIME, THANKS

  3. Could you pls. let me know the eclipse timings on 22nd July for Abudhabi (UAE). (Start time and end time)

  4. Thank you for the informative post.

    I notice there’s a typo on the third paragraph, 2nd verse: the ‘moon’ is spelled without the letter N.

  5. Dear Blog Readers,
    We are so happy to see so many of you interested in knowing the eclipse timings on 22nd July 2009.Here are the details for all the comments that are posted here.
    Solar eclipse on 22nd July 2009 is NOT visible in any parts of Australia,North America,Central America,Caribbean,South America,Europe and Africa.

  6. I noticed that “Indonesia” start time is evening 16:20:18, but indonesia is around the region of Singapore, so it should be the same with Singapore’s time. Perhaps you meant “Micronesia”, which is further east and perhaps made more sense?

  7. @Yasmeen,
    Sure, we shall reply to most of the questions that are posted here.Thanks a lot for your patience and interest that you are showing towards our blog.

  8. hi,
    2009-Jul-22 solar eclipse in dubai, UAE begins at 05:43 AM and ends at 05:47:39 AM.
    can u tell me what a pregnant women should do during solar eclipse?

  9. Your site is very good. it gives very good information, but i am just reading so many questions without anyone answering them.
    I think all those people staying in UAE, cannot see Eclipse, or if someone could help me out with the same query. According to the maps and data i am refferering, no where i found the name UAE, because its going towards east ie, china and japan, starting from india. And UAE and gulf is towards west of India. But still i would be more happy, if someone could really help me and all other people who are left with just a day to quench their thirst to know the answer.

  10. so what time in USA (EST) will the eclipse be occuring so i can watch it live on the web? i see a lot of people have asked this question or similar and so far no answers?

  11. hi , i am pregnant and residing in dubai. so please tell me the eclipse timing in UAE.
    i would be really thankfull.

  12. 2 best methods to photograph of Solar Eclipse 2009 on July 22,2009:
    1. Magnification Photography;
    2. Direct Focus Photography.
    Learn More about how to photograph solar eclipse.

  13. is the solar eclpse on july 22nd visible in los angeles CA if so what time it would be very helpful if you answered
    also i would like to mention your page on solar eclpses is amazing

  14. is the solar eclpse on july 22nd visible in los angeles CA if so what time it would be very helpful if you answered
    also i would like to mention your page on solar eclpses is amazing

  15. Given the cloudy weather in Bombay, will the eclipse be visible here?
    in fact, even in Indore, I heard it would be better visible.
    But with clouds, what are the chances?
    and where is the GE point in India?

  16. Thank you very much for such a valuable information including timing of solar eclipse in some of the countries.
    Can you please let me know the timings of solar eclipse on 22nd July in London? Please if you can update me on this information as early as possible, it would be a great help for me.
    Thank you once again.

  17. I would like to know if any part of the solar eclipse can be visible in Johannesburg in South Africa.Please advice

  18. Hi there,

    Can you please tell me the solar eclipse on 22nd of July and lunar eclipse on 7August visible in Australia? And what time?

    Thank you so much

  19. please could you tell me if the total eclipse will be visible from cape town south africa and at what time??

  20. could you please let me know what time the eclipse is in perth n wht exactly is this n need to take any precaution

  21. Total solar eclipse 2009 would be the most perfect total solar eclipse in twenty-first century according to some people.
    More details for Solar Eclipse 2009

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  23. @Sydney,
    You are right.The eclipse happens in Singapore too. But its not visible. But the timings mentioned here are correct.There are many instances under which the eclipse is experienced but not seen and there are many reasons because of which the actual eclipse might differ from the foretell.

  24. Does solar eclipse occur in Melbourne-Australia on 22nd July 2009 if it does from what time to what time

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