Google Docs Bug Shares Personal Documents Without Your Permission

Google Docs The biggest fear of cloud computing is the privacy of our personal information. The worst of the fear has come true for few Google Docs users when Google shared their documents with contacts without  their permission.

A bug in Google Docs is identified as the root cause for this embarrassment to Google and Google sent a notice to the affected users

We wanted to let you know about a recent issue with your Google Docs account. We’ve identified and fixed a bug which may have caused you to share some of your documents without your knowledge. This inadvertent sharing was limited to people with whom you, or a collaborator with sharing rights, had previously shared a document.

According to the Google statement only 0.05% of the Google documents are affected by the bug. Irrespective of the number of users and the documents affected by the incident, it raises some serious concerns over cloud computing and privacy of our information.

You can read more about this at Tech Crunch

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