How To Get Back Your Income Tax Returns Undelivered Cheque

Few days ago, I posted details about how we can get details about our IT returns.You can check them here. It’s always ideal to provide ECS mode of payment while we file our IT returns. But sometimes, we opt for cheque clearance where in the refund amount would be sent as cheque to our address.



In this case, there are lots of chances that we may miss to get the cheque. For instance, we might get transferred and shift our house or we might not be at home when the cheque gets delivered and it might be returned back to the income tax dept. We didn’t know whom we have to approach to get back our money as the tracking system was very poor.

But today, we don’t have to really worry about this as our Indian IT department has taken enough steps to return back our money. IT Department sends us an email with an attachment saying that our cheque has been returned back. The Email contains an attachment containing details about your refund amount, your PAN card number and your address to which the cheque was sent before.

Along with this sheet they attach a response sheet in which you have to fill the present address to which the cheque has to be sent. You can also wish to opt for ECS this time. If you are opting for ECS mode of payment, you have to give your bank account details along with a crossed cheque attested to the document. Send the documents to the Income Tax Department through ordinary post only.

In case if you are not aware of your Income tax department address, then call the customer care number : 0124 – 2438 0000 \ 1800-425-2229 and get the address to which you can send your documents.

For those who had not provided their E-Mail address, please call the above mentioned Toll Free number to get the details about your returns. Just in case if your cheque was returned back undelivered, you can ask them to send an E-Mail to you and act accordingly.

From my experience, Indian Income Tax Department has started reverting back with our refund money in less than 1 year from the date of filing our tax. We are sure to get back our hard earned money. :-)

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