Tech Dreams

Now Instagram lets you record and share 15 seconds video with awesome filters

Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing applications and it is very popular for amazing filters that turn an ordinary photo in to an incredible one. Today Instagram extended the filters and sharing options to videos. With the latest version of Instagram application for iOS/Android you can record videos, apply filters and share […]

Deploy code to Windows Azure from Dropbox

There is a lot of innovation happening at Windows Azure team these days under the leadership of ScottGu. The recent updates to Windows Azure published couple of days ago allows us to deploy code to Windows Azure websites straight from Dropbox. It’s very easy and simple to use. Authorize Windows Azure account to talk to […]

Disqus ads are disqusting and here is how you turn them off

After couple of months I spent sometime yesterday reviewing my blog and to see if everything is fine. Disqus, the best commenting system and an unusual suspect was looking weird. Commenting sections of my sites are displayed links of third party sites which I was not aware of. The content is annoying to me […]

Mark Zuckerberg tops the list of 50 Highest Rated CEOs. 3 Indian CEOs feature in the list.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook is rated as the best CEO according to a report released by the popular employee reviews website 50,000 employees reviews submitted to Glassdoor in the past 1 year are considered for preparing the rating list and Zukerberg topped the list with 99 percent approval to the question “Do […]

Empty APN list on your Android phone? Restart the phone to fix it

Today I tried to connect to internet on my Google Galaxy Nexus running on 4.2.2 using Cellular Data connection and it failed. Tried reaching customer care representative to figure out why data connection is not working, but the robots (Interactive Voice Response systems) never allowed me to reach a human. After digging through the settings […]