Tech Dreams

OpenStack–An open source Cloud Computing Stack to rival Amazon AWS & Azure platforms

Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure are the prominent players in Cloud Computing arena and virtually the competition to these providers is negligible as it’s a monstrous task to build Cloud Computing environments. In order to compete with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, a group of prominent companies formed a consortium to build open source Cloud […]

Wondering why babies cry all of a sudden!!

When we have a baby at home, it’s a day to day part of our life that the babies cry. We might wonder what would be the reason for their cries. Today they will cry for some reason, tomorrow some other. How do we find out what is going on in his/her mind?

List of ORM libraries available for .NET and the best one

An Object Relation Mapping(ORM) library helps developers to create data access applications by programming against a conceptual model instead of programming against a relational database model.  ORMs bring lot of advantages and few of the prominent ones are -  RDBMS independent data access layer development, rapid application development, huge reduction in code, auto generation of […]

How to shutdown Windows 8 PC without using mouse?

Windows 8 sports a re-imagined desktop and tablet user interface with touch friendly Metro looks. One of the major changes in Windows 8 for a common users  is the lack of start menu, with which we got friended for more than a decade. On Windows 8 we would be missing it. As there is no […]

Photo tour of Apple Headquarters

Apple is a very secretive organization – they highly guard details of up coming products, features and very few elite people would get chance to sneak peak in to their campus. If you search the web for pictures of Apple HQ you may find few photographs taken by fan boys outside the headquarters but not […]