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Google Glasses–A new world in front of your eyes

Google is getting into a whole new business that would help us to see the world in a new dimension and free us from all gadgets we carry we today. Google Glasses is a wearable tiny computer that brings information in front of your eyes and lets you interact with it using voice commands. It’s […]

This company buries Ashes on Space for $3000

Does Space burials sounds crazy to you? Then you may not be a big fan of science fictions or a Japanese. According to a study conducted by NASA many science fiction fans prefer their final rights to be held on space and you can read more details about the research over here on NASA website. […]

Learn History: Do you know why we celebrate April Fools Day?

We celebrate April 1st of every year by mercilessly playing pranks with our friends, relatives and co-workers. Everyone understands that we are allowed to fool others on this day and have fun. But have you ever wonder what is the history behind April Fool’s day? When was it first time celebrated and what is the […]

Quickly check Airtel Broadband usage details

If you are an Airtel India broadband user here is a quick tip to find out usage details. From your broadband connected device just visit Airtel’s web page and you’ll get  the usage statistics. The best part is the page displays statistics automatically, you don’t need to enter broadband connection details or login to Airtel […]

PDF Converter Elite Giveaway Winners

On 25th Feb we launched the first ever giveaway of PDF Converter Elite for Tech Dreams viewers and thanks for everyone who participated in the content. We are happy to see good response from our viewers and special thanks to all those who shared our stories on Facebook and Twitter.  Here are the lucky winners […]