Tech Dreams

Speed up your computer with SSD (Without paying a fortune)

Ok, we all know SSD’s are great devices, its the future of storage medium and they have incredible response time. But, despite the best efforts of SSD makers the price is on the higher side. Hard disk drives with our traditional spinning disk have now a whooping storage capacity of  1TB (Tera Bytes) and are affordable. Dont spend a […]

Google Currency Convertor JSON API

There are many live currency conversion services available on the web and the popular one’s among them are – Google, Yahoo, MSN & XE. Among all these four Google is the developer’s darling and it provides a simple JSON API that can be integrated in your applications. Using the API is very simple and […]

Windows Phone–A beautiful phone which I admire but I don’t recommend to friends and family

Microsoft’s Windows Phones are the most beautiful phones I’ve seen. Look at the photo which Microsoft shared on their Facebook page today. It’s gorgeous. Windows Phones come in vibrant colors and the user interface is very lively. When you keep an iPhone, Android Phone & a Windows Phone on a table, Windows Phone definitely stands […]

Obama’s win and the geeky stuff behind his success

Mr. Obama is elected as President of United States for the second term with a great majority. Here are few geeky bytes associated with Mr.Obama’s success and the world records he set up Obama Creates New Records on Twitter and Facebook – Just after winning the race for president, Barak Obama setup world records on […]